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Ruckus Films LA

- Branding & Motion-

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ruckus Films on a couple of occasions, helping them to develop their visual brand identity and motion work to give them the vibrant and edgy front of house they deserve!

Ruckus are a team of established film directors based in Los Angeles creating great work in advertising. I worked as art director and lead designer with my team at Ugly Duck to develop a brand style that would be impactful and vibrant across aparrel, web/social and motion. We even created a bespoke font for their own company’s ownership. 

Creative Direction

JJ Adler

Art & Motion Direction
Samuel Murdoch

Further Development

Adaption is the key to thrive in our world. Three years on, Ruckus gave us a shout once again to refine their branding into a more minimal version of itself.  So, we went through rigourus rounds of style testing, discussions, sketching and reference digging to give them a more sleek and sophisticated look. This was also applied to apparel and animation.