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Dunderwhelp : VFX

 - A short Film By Jasper Valentine - 

‘Two soldiers have fled the field of a viscous and bloody battle, only to be confronted by each other in this clash of the cowards.’
I supported the production with VFX, it was a real pleasure working with multitalented comedian and film maker Jasper Valentine of Ohhh Mamma, London in the making of his short film ‘Dunderwhelp’. A dark comedy that takes us back to medeival England and on a gritty journey through philosophy and some good laughs. 

The film gained traction on the UK short film festival circuit and led to enquiries and further projects for the director.  


My role in the film was handling VFX in the final shot, the lead character Dunderwhelp meets his demise on the wrong side of a cannonball. Layering together footage of exploding watermelons and tracking particular animation in After Effects achieved the desired outcome.

Dunderwhelp from OHH MAMMA on Vimeo.